Life Just Got Safe & Convenient With Foot Controlled Opener

It is all good and well to have convenience in your life. But would it not be a safer bet to, well, be safe. Just think about it. The foot operated door opener for outside use was originally (in more ways than one) designed to be attached or connected to your patio door that leads on to, well, you know the rest. It was thought to be a gem of an idea at the time. Folks making their way out to the patio or veranda with dishes, barbecue tongs, food, glasses, and the like, could simply tap their toes on the door opener and, hey presto, door opens without having to struggle with fingers and arms.

And chin, and elbows, and so on. But just think how this foot operated door opener could be put to even better use. For one thing, this thought simply cannot evaporate. Just think about your early morning struggles in the shower. The shower door glass is all steamed up and the tiles you try your utmost best to stand on are rather slippery to say the least. And then you’ve still got to watch how much water you are using.

foot operated door opener for outside

Or wasting. And so you proceed to struggle to get the shower taps off. With soap in your eyes, it’s hard to see it. And it’s hard to find the door handle to your shower. But there you go. There’s the foot pedal to your shower door and, hey presto, after a light tap with your toes, the door opens. Pretty neat, huh? Either way, whatever your purpose in life and whatever your circumstances, this foot operated door opener is certainly making life a lot easier to, let’s just say, handle.